Comic 35 - Cross-Strips - Cliche'd

24th Apr 2018, 8:11 PM in Sidequests I
Cross-Strips - Cliche'd
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SpiraPhantom 24th Apr 2018, 8:11 PM edit delete
Characters with engaging backstories aren't that... engaging when they're old. Characters with amnesia being the capital offenders. It's not that easy to make one notable nowadays. Back when it started, for example, with Cloud Strife from the very epic "Final Fantasy VII" that we can't imagine our lives without, yes, it was a big deal. But it got old due to a lot of copycats. However, some close yet different plots like waking up to find out that the world went on without you have lots of potential. Tech meets K.A. from "We Are The WyreCats" who happens to be a person of such a story. Tech, a semi-tragic figure himself, can relate to heroes who feel odd in their brave new world yet still try to bring good in it.
"We Are The WyreCats" Comic Series was created by NeilKapit. The Wyrecats were a team of autistic teenagers who decided to make the world a better place by building robotic suits and doing good, with public service and humanitarian inventions as well as costumed heroics. The powers that be were threatened by their progress and created a terrorist organization, Ignis, to destroy them. Five years after the climactic battle, one of the team wakes up from a coma, and finds it hard to pick up where her friends left off.
First: We Are The WyreCats
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